Signature Nordmeccanica Equipment World Mixer SB Image

World Mixer SB

World Mixer SB is the cutting edge of technology to properly mix and meter in the correct ratio 2/3-components solvent based adhesives.

The Mixer is built in accordance to the most stringent safety rules and applicable international codes


  • Stainless Steel structure, castors equipped;
  • Stainless Steel Metering Tank connected with the 3-components drums by means of fl exible hoses;
  • High accuracy pneumatic pumps;
  • Metering provided by means of pneumatically activated valves through the feed back of a set of load cells in real time control of the amount of adhesive delivered to the mixing tank;
  • Agitator device to guarantee components mixing;
  • Stainless Steel Adhesive Tank;
  • Pneumatic Pump for the controlled circulation of the mixed adhesive with the coating head of the laminator;
  • Control cabinet and the relevant components, electric/pneumatic transducers and the operator interface integrated into the laminator (for Nordmeccanica laminators only);
  • Two levels of washing are included;
  • Includes monitoring for each of the three components consumption. Monitoring is performed on a timely base and at each reel, productionorder and shift end;
  • All components are certifi ed in order to comply with Safety Standard requirements;
  • Connection to real time remote troubleshooting Teleservice. (Available only if installed on Nordmeccanica laminators);
  • In compliance with:Atex/CE/UL-CSA