Signature Nordmeccanica Equipment Cleaner SL Image

Cleaner SL

Cleaning a Solvent Less adhesive coating head is a task that requires proper attention in order to allow for a safe handling of this lamination technology.

Adhesives have to be coated at the proper viscosity and must be washed thoroughly at every machine stop longer than the “pot life” of the adhesive in use.

In order to facilitate with this task, Nordmeccanica developed an innovative automatic washing system: Cleaner SL


  • Cleaner SL is engineered around a set of nozzles to be positioned right above the coating head at time of washing.
  • A separate unit connected by hoses to the nozzles houses: cleaning fluids reservoires, pumps and valves.
  • Logic is provided by on-board machine computer.
  • Claner SL features integral stainless steel construction.